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Joao Yordanov Serralheiro

Navigating through the Deep Blue - Awarded and Featured

Navigating through the Deep Blue is one of my favourite StarTrails images to date, one that I had in mind since my first visit to Dovercourt Lighthouse last summer.

Since that day, I have been planning and waiting for the ideal conditions to come together, having a few hours of clear skies at high tide. Last month, the conditions finally came together and I couldn't lose my chance, so I decided to start a 200-mile round trip around 8pm returning at 3am the following morning. As I said when asked, two parts crazy, one part dedicated and 100% passionate, however, after all the tiredness of the following day back to my day-time work, once the evening came, I managed to start looking at the results, couldn't be happier and was exactly as I have imagined it would be! At that moment all the tiredness just turns into a magical moment of wonder!

Below is Inner Light, the image that triggered the desire to capture Navigating through the Deep Blue

Recently the image was awarded as the Winner of the Institute of Photography April 2024 Monthly Competition and featured in Amateur Photographer Magazine Premium Edition 7th May 2024.

Navigating through the Deep Blue is also one of the 3 finalist images set in the Stories of Hope competition together with Radio Polaris and Stars Brush.

Last but not least, Navigating through the Deep Blue will feature in my next Photography Book dedicated to Astrophotography Landscapes - StarTrails, titled When a Moment in Time... is Time in a Moment, expected release date Dec'24/Jan'25.

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